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Trading in all kinds of agricultural crops, plantation crops and its by –products produced by the farmers.
Setting up of factories for processing of products related with all kinds of agricultural, commercial and plantation crops.
Promotion and marketing of poultry, wormy culture, floriculture, horticulture.Providing scientifically developed seeds,
seedlings,planting materials, organic manures, equipments, machineries, agro inputs and technical Know –how to the
  Establishing infrastructure for marketing of agricultural produces and products.
  Creating infrastructure facilities for cultivation of all agricultural produces, herbal and other plants, vegetables any where in
  Acting as the Nodal agency of Central/ state Government/ Statutory Bodies for the procurement of any crops dealt by the
  Supply of all agricultural/ plantation inputs to farmers at reasonable price and helping them to market their produce at a
    better price.
  Acquire/leasing of factories/ companies for the manufacture and marketing of agricultural implements/ equipments/ energy
    saving products/ insurance/ non-conventional energy products/ commodity trading/ Tyre and rubber products/ spices and
    herbal oil extraction / IT/ Tourism/ plantation/ finance and banking/ engineering consultancy/ technical education/ print and
    visual media.
  Setting up of commodity exchange.
  Act us insurance broker
  Export of rubber/ coffee/ tea/paddy/spices/ chilly and their value added products.
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